Sleep Easy

If you think there’s a problem with your mattress, don’t lose sleep over it. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a simple way to determine the length of your warranty and its items. Simply match the Warranty Code from your mattress’ law tag with the same code on the warranty schedule below.

  • Warranty Code
  • Total Limited Warranty
  • Period for No-charge Repair
  • M
  • 20 YEARS
  • 10 YEARS
  • A
  • 10 YEARS
  • 10 YEARS
  • B
  • 10 YEARS
  • 5 YEARS
  • C
  • 10 YEARS
  • 3 YEARS
  • D
  • 10 YEARS
  • 1 YEAR
  • E
  • 5 YEARS
  • 1 YEAR
  • F
  • 1 YEAR
  • 1 YEAR

No-charge coverage during total limited warranty period.


Lost your warranty card?

No worries, you can download a PDF of the warranty card below.



Have a problem with your mattress?

We always recommend visiting our Help Desk section first to see if you can get answers there. If you still need to file a warranty claim, just follow the steps below to help your retailer resolve the issue.

  • Call the retailer you purchased the mattress from first. They can help guide you through any additional requirements they may need for filing the warranty claim.

  • Photo document any issues with the mattress (if possible). Also make sure you capture photos of your mattresses foundation. If you have a boxspring, take pictures of the boxspring and the support frame. If you don’t have a boxspring, be sure to capture photos of the beds base. It will help your retailer isolate the issue.

  • Take a photo of the law tag. Most of your mattresses information is there. This greatly helps your retailer file the claim.

  • If your mattress meets Kingsdown’s warranty requirements, a replacement will be ordered. If your mattress model is no longer available, we will substitute with a new model of equal value (at the time of purchase). Your retailer will then arrange for a delivery of the new mattress and a removal of your old one.