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The Kingsdown Advantage

The combination of our patented Superior Pocket Coil System, our signature comfort layers and unique fashion-forward fabrics unite in harmony to create the perfect sleep system.

The Kingsdown Superior Pocket Coil

Our patented Superior Pocket Coil System delivers both comfort and durability. It is the only system that offers:

Superior motion separation.

This patented innovation allows each person to sleep on their own independent set of coils - eliminating any sleep disruptions that might come from the movement of a partner.

The highest conformability on the market.

Our Superior Pocket Coil System features more coils than any other product on the market which means more points of contact providing superior support for the body.

Superior support.

The Superior Pocket Coil System also features a heavy gauge centre zone, that provides optimal support and conformability where your body needs it the most. The six sided foam encasement system also provides optimal edge to edge support and durability.

Signature Comfort

Kingsdown's signature comfort also stems from our unique comfort layers ("foams"). Each of the foams used in a Kingsdown mattress have been carefully selected to ensure they add a unique feel to your level of comfort. These comfort layers are used to create varying degrees of comfort from firm to soft.

Fashion-Forward Fabrics and Design

Each Kingsdown cover offers an unique fashion-forward fabric and fibre finish. The covers are beautifully stitched together to provide exquisite aesthetics, breathability and comfort.

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